02 Sep 2016

Key terms for Vinyl Flooring


LVT: LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile. It is often plank shaped, differentiating itself from traditional sheet vinyl flooring.

Micro v bevel: A beveled edge floor, also known as a micro-beveled edge, has strips or planks with a 1mm to 2mm 45 degree angle on the top edges of the board.

A beveled edge is necessary to help mask any slight imperfections in the subfloor and reduce the obvious highs and lows that are present in all subfloors. Micro-bevels give the optical illusion of a flat floor.

Wear Layer: The top surface of the vinyl flooring. The thickness varies with each vinyl floor product. A thicker wear layer means greater resistance to scratching and scarring.

PVC: PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is a chlorine and ethylene compound used to make an odorless, solid plastic. In its rigid form, it is found in pipes, siding and windows. When softened by the addition of phthalates, vinyl is formed. Vinyl consumer products include flooring, toys, upholstery, plastic bags and credit cards.

PU coating: PU coating stands for polyurethane coating.