04 Jan 2017

Uncovering BerryAlloc Pureloc Vinyl Flooring


Every pattern, every color, every nuance of nature is different and defines the environment around you. Our collection of Pureloc vinyl flooring inspires to do the same by giving you a wide choice in colors to enhance the beauty of every room in your home, for you to enjoy, for many years to come.

Composition and Features

The BerryAlloc Pureloc Vinyl Flooring is composed of six different layers:

1. UV layer / PU coating

2. 0,3 mm wear layer

3. Print film

4. Multilayer based on virgin PVC

5. Fiberglass

6. Multilayer based on virgin PVC

Plank Construction

The wear layer for the collection is 0.3mm whereas the overall thickness is 4mm.

The vinyl floor collection features Micro V bevel on 4 sides and are to be installed by a click system: Glueless revolutionary mechanical locking system.


100% recyclable


Residential warranty for PureLoc Vinyl Flooring : Lifetime

Adapted from BerryAlloc’s website.